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H&S Consultant in Scotland

We work with industry leading  professionals to provide Health & Safety services to the Scottish Film and TV industry.


 Health & Safety services include:

  • Designing and maintaining H&S Management Systems

  • Policy documents

  • Advice in prep

  • Attending tech Recces 

  • Risk assessment

  • CDM Management

  • Coordination of specialists including Rope Access Water/Marine, Stunts, Armourer, Wire Rigs and SFX

Film Lighting
Behind the Scenes

Health & Safety Policy for Film Production

Our health and safety team are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of safety for all personnel involved in the production and filming process.


We strive to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone involved, and ensure all safety regulations and protocols are strictly adhered to.


Our team are experienced in safety management and risk assessment, and will work with you to ensure all aspects of the production and filming are safe and compliant.


We are committed to providing a safe and professional experience for all involved, and our health and safety team are always available to offer guidance and advice.

Movie Set Explosion


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