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Why choose us for security services ?

  • Reliable security services developed by a reputable location manager

  • Having worked on big projects we understand how film and TV security must function & all of the challenges that come with that

  • Crew member brief form ensures fully briefed crew for each production

  • Vetted suppliers to promote professionalism & friendliness

  • Uniformed, SIA approved crew

  • All crew have own transport

  • Maintain a professional image to the general public in both appearance and communication

  • Benefit from a competitive flat rate which is agreed in advance

  • We're punctual and adaptable to schedule changes

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We consider security to be a vital on-set service which ensures the safety of the crew, security of kit and the smooth running of the shoot.


We understand that it is essential to have a security company who is well versed in the film and TV industry and understands the importance of providing security to productions. 


We source the most experienced, trusted and reliable security companies who are SIA licensed.



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