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Company Values

Looking after our planet and our people!

SLS is on a mission to be a responsible and sustainable company and is committed to finding ways to improve the lives of our clients, employees, and communities by instilling eco-friendly practices into everything we do. We are driven by responsible planning and efficient management of resources.


We adopt the 3 R’s; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle whilst running our business. We strive to reduce consumption of materials as a priority and endeavour to be paperless where possible. We reuse materials and have clearly labelled waste and recycling bins to ensure everything that can be recycled, is.


Business travel is restricted to necessary trips only and we encourage the use of video/phone conferencing.

We strive to create a healthy office workplace by using a green energy provider, we have created an open plan office space filled with natural light and we have installed a smart reader to save energy. We have clearly labelled recycling bins and encourage our security guards and contractors to use these when on-site. Where possible, we seek to purchase green products and are always open to new and innovative services.

We choose environmentally friendly partners and suppliers who have similar values and practices as ourselves.

Equality and diversity

Diversity is at the heart of the SLS ethos. We focus on the concept of the whole person through personal growth, intellectual values, building community and active social awareness. We are inclusive of our partners, supporters and communities and are proud to be an equal right’s employer.



SLS champions equality around the world and believes that everyone’s basic needs should be met.  We’re delighted to be supporting and partnering with The Bimiri Foundation who are a small Scottish charity doing groundbreaking work in Nepal by bringing water lines to villages and funding children’s education. SLS have funded a child’s education for the year and regularly donate for the water line projects and will continue to do so.


Collaboration and innovation

SLS encourages employees, contractors, and suppliers to think outside of the box and create unique solutions for clients. We value everyone and everything who contributes towards our goals including our clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and employees and appreciate their input and feedback to ensure a safer, healthier, happier workplace and world.


Feedback is on of the most valuable resources as it supports positive change, growth and development. We would like to hear from anyone who works with us, for us and along side us. SLS values all feedback and will action any complaint accordingly.

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