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Why choose us for Gator hire?

Gator Hire is the perfect solution for your Production and Filming needs. Our Gator Hires come equipped with a range of features to make your shoot easier, including an adjustable suspension, 4WD, and a spacious interior. With a Gator Hire, you can easily transport your equipment to the shoot with ease.


Plus, you'll have peace of mind knowing that our Gator Hires are regularly checked and maintained to ensure they remain reliable and safe. With Gator Hire, you can trust that your Production and Filming needs are taken care of.

Gator Hire Scotland
Gator Hire Scotland

Find your best match with Gator Hire

We know that tight timescales are crucial in the film industry and will organise any gator and trailer hire around this.


We can provide 2 seats up to 6 seats and we can also provide a driver with them.

Gator Hire Scotland

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