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Film Production Scotland


Scotland's Best Film Equipment and Kit Hire Services

At Scottish Location Services, we provide everything you need to film on location in Scotland and specialise in providing trained security guards to the industry. From the initial Scouting and Location Management to the services and location kit you require to support your shoot on location. We are experienced in finding the perfect location for your shoot, as well as providing all the necessary equipment to ensure a successful shoot. We have the expertise to deliver quality results and make your project a success.

Why choose us?

  • Reliable location services developed by a reputable location manager who understands the obstacles

  • Insider knowledge in the film industry

  • All location services under one umbrella company

  • Services tailored to every production

  • Sensitive and adaptable to tight schedule changes

  • Resourceful & time saving services

  • Competitive rates due to supplier relationships

  • Crew briefing forms for all suppliers ensuring professionalism

  • We offer comparative packages to maximise your budget

  • Access to our location library full of shoot friendly images

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