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Where Scotland meets Norway. A rugged group of islands with an abundance of cliffs, wildlife and some of the most notable archaeological sites in the UK.

Half way to Norway, the secluded islands of Shetland are where Scotland meets Scandinavia. The islands form an archipelago of 100 with only 15 being inhabited, all immersed in history, rocky landscapes and an abundance of wildlife.


Shetland is home to many important preserved archaeological sites dating from the iron age. It has Viking and Neolithic settlements. The Jarlshof Broch, a prehistoric and Norse settlement is considered to be one of the most remarkable archaeological sites ever excavated in the British Isles.


Shetland also boasts the iron broch and village of Old Scatness which is predicted to have been occupied for two millennia by Picts, Vikings and on into the Norse age. On Shetland you can also find The Pictish Wheelhouse, the Mesolithic midden site at West Voe and the ancient ritual monument of Giant’s Stones.


The BAFTA award winning series Shetland is one of the most famous titles to be filmed on the island. Tim has had the privilege of working on series 2 to 5 so he knows the island and what it has to offer inside out.

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