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Isle of Bernaray

Filming your production in Scotland?

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Scotland on Screen

Whether you are shooting a TV commercial, a blockbuster film or TV series, we're here to help and support you in Scotland. 

From finding your perfect locations, providing expert advice and knowledge to providing the location services required for your shoot. 



Why choose Scotland for your film or TV production?

Scotland is a beautiful and diverse country that makes for an ideal filming location. With its stunning countryside, dramatic castles and lochs, and a range of modern cities, Scotland is sure to provide a unique setting for any production. In addition, Scotland has a huge variety of experienced and talented crew members who are available to help bring your vision to life.


Scotland also offers generous filming incentives, making it an attractive destination for productions of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to shoot a feature film, a television series, or a commercial, Scotland is the perfect place to make your project a reality.

Filming in Scotand
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