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SLS finishes 5th year of trading on a total high!

We can’t believe we’re into September already…where has the year gone?

As August 2023 came to an end, so did our 5th year of trading and we’re delighted with how far we have come in such a short and challenging time. With the covid era, rise of living cost crisis, the writer’s strikes, and soaring fuel costs, it’s a tough climate out there but we have still managed to finish our fifth year with our highest turnover yet.

We have worked with some fantastic productions this year and Tim was very glad to be back working on Shetland S8 with Ashley Jensen as the new lead (can’t wait). Tim was also the location manager for Payback, an exciting new TV drama starring Morven Christie which was another big contract for SLS in 2022. We were delighted to provide location services for their shoot and we’re really looking forward to watching it when it comes to the big screen.

As usual, we’ve got so many interesting and amazing projects to shout about, quite a few of which were shot in some very remote locations. Several of these productions were commercials, for which we provided multiple services saving them a great deal of time and resources. We sent a motorhome pulling a trailer loaded with kit for an Italian clothing commercial to Torridon marshes, North of Skye. A splitter van and location kit went to an SSPCA advert filming in Fife. Toilets, a large amount of location kit and trackway boards were provided or a channel 4 advert filming around Glasgow. We supplied security guards, filming signage and kit hire for a British Airway

s advert. And we sourced a splitter van with a driver for an MTP commercial as well as a large amount of locations kit.

The reality tv show from MTV, Teen Mom, also got in touch looking for security guards to watch over some of their Teen Mom contestants who were wild camping for an episode in a remote location.

In an addition to our supplier base, this year, we started working with an industry leading Health and Safety Advisor which is another service we now offer. Using our new advisor, we provided risk assessments for Annika 2. We also sent a water safety expert to Torridon Marshes and a crew nurse to another commercial shoot.

We’ve added several great filming locations to our locations library and helped various productions find suitable locations for still shoots. We had a tough location to find for a bit of a controversial brand activation campaign which was highlighting the damage that dairy farming is having on the environment. They wanted to find a location around Aberdeen which is one of the biggest dairy farming areas in Scotland. And we also helped a piano player who wanted a beautiful Scottish location for the background to his music video on the Isle of Skye.

As we enter our sixth year of trading, we continue to seek the top suppliers in Scotland to provide the best possible service we can; we are continually building our location library with new and exciting film friendly locations; we continue to make ourselves available around the clock to accommodate filming hours. In addition, we are delighted to announce that we have added a large, luxury motorhome to our fleet of v

ehicles. This offers two spacious seating areas for production and/or green room, changing space and space for hair and makeup. We have also added a van to our fleet to be able to complete more deliveries.

We have had phenomenal support from our customers and suppliers this year, for which we cannot be more thankful, and we are excited to see what this coming year brings.

Please contact us today to find out how we can support your upcoming project.


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