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Security Guard Services | Glasgow | Edinburgh | Scotland  

We're a reliable Security Company providing a range of security guard services exclusively for the film and TV sectors in Glasgow, Edinburgh and anywhere in Scotland.

  • Security Guards, Area Patrols, CCTV Management & Operation & Key Holding 

  • All Guards SIA Licensed & Fully Vetted 

  • Competitive Rates & Reliable Service

A reliable Security Company in Scotland

Scottish Location Services is a Scottish security company providing professional security solutions to the film, TV and event sectors in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland. Overseen by our in-house Location Manager with 20 years experience, we supply a complete range of effective and reliable security services to the film and TV industry in Scotland. Each of our security solutions is made to meet our clients’ unique security requirements.


Our security guards are all SIA licenced, fully vetted and trained to provide the best possible service.

On-site Security Guards

Our security guards are highly trained professionals, providing a reliable and secure service to protect your production filming.

We thoroughly vet all of our guards to ensure the best service for our clients.


Our guards are experienced in dealing with all types of security issues, ensuring the safety of your crew, equipment and set at all times.


With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, our security guards will ensure your production and filming is conducted without any disruption.

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Security Services in Glasgow and Edinbugh

We are run by an experienced and reputable Location Manager who has 20 years experience in the film and TV industry in Scotland. We understand how the industry operates and brief our guards well on what to expect on set and location.

Our Guards will man road closures, regularly patrol the premises to maintain a safe and secure enclosure. They will act as a visible deterrent to unauthorised access and activities and safe guard expensive kit and equipment.

Our guards will monitor and control access at building entrances and gateways and conduct security checks of bags if necessary. 

They will provide assistance to cast, crew, visitors, and contractors as needed and operate CCTV systems and other surveillance equipment to monitor activity on the premises.

Customer Success Stories

Kyrie MacTavish

"Excellent customer service, highly recommended. If they don't have what you need they will source it or point you in the right direction. I would use them again on any project."
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