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Motorhome Mad!

With strict social distancing measures to adhere to, we have had an exceptionally busy year for motorhome hire. We source motorhomes and campervans of a variety of different sizes which can be used as greenroom space for cast and crew on your shoot. We have been sending motorhomes and campervans to some very remote, hard to reach places and can provide them for any number of weeks. We work with experienced and friendly drivers who can manoeuvre the vehicles into some tight spaces, adhere to COVID measures, work the required hours, and understand the industry inside out.

You can rest assured that our strict health and safety system vets our suppliers to ensure all vehicles have undergone their safety checks and are fully insured.

We have had the privilege of providing motorhomes and attendants for some fantastic productions over the past year. Many of these productions have required multiple hires with drivers and attendants at short notice and we never fail to meet their expectations.

We sent 12 motorhomes to the Isle of Gigha for a 6 week hire for STV and made sure they were replenished with gas as and when they needed it despite there being a national gas shortage. We coordinated a complex transport schedule for multiple hires at various locations with attendants and drivers for VIGIL. We provided The Rig with 11 motorhomes at short notice over the course of a week at Leith Docks. Princess Mirror-Belle required multiple motorhomes over their 4 month shoot and we made sure they had a full water tank at all times for their cast to have a shower in-between takes.

The Lost King required 3 luxury motorhomes with showers for their shoot in Edinburgh and then further hires with attendants on various other shoot days. We provided a motorhome with an attendant and packed it full of the location kit that the production required for a day’s still shoot on the Isle of Skye which saved them a great deal on transport costs.

There are so many different motorhome hires to shout about this year and other productions that made use of our services include; Karen Pirie, Screw, Shetland S6 & S7, Guilt S2, Molly and Mack and NM Productions and we hope to continue providing this great service this year too.

One of the biggest benefits to using us for motorhome hire is that we work with many different pre-vetted suppliers to ensure that we have a big bank of motorhomes to provide large scale shoots. We make sure that our suppliers understand the industry well and will provide the best service at the best rate. We have a database of experienced drivers and attendants to call upon to accommodate productions that require multiple drivers for their vehicles and we are experienced in coordinating complex transport schedules. We are a one-stop shop for location services so many of our clients have saved a great deal of money on transport, hiring motorhomes and various other location kits through us.

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